Penguin VS Flight: A Love Story

I recently completed a music video for musician Aaron Orbit. This was my second video working with Aaron and it’s always a good/weird time. When I get to collaborate with an artist while maintaining a lot of creative freedom, it makes for a fun shoot and good end product. The idea for this video was sprung from an image I saw in National Geographic (above to the right). The image of Mickey and Minnie Mouse looking as if they were going through a rough time in a beautiful setting stuck with me and upon hearing Aaron’s track “The Ballad of Hailey”, my mind recalled this image instantly. I wanted to tell an emotional story of a bad relationship that encompassed some disturbing themes. I thought it’d be great to have 2 characters that have so much in common but one big difference. I wanted to exploit this difference and express how one can change their personality in a relationship, sacrificing who they are and the extreme they may go through in this process. I wanted to show the tragedy in reaching for something that isn’t meant to be from the beginning and the destructive nature this path can lead to. Hopefully I got that across in the video, or maybe it just seems like a weird “furry” soft-core drama. Either way, the above photo shows the side by side comparison of Aaron’s video (left) and the National Geographic photo (right). Pretty good matched shot. You can view Aaron Orbit’s “The Ballad of Hailey” below.