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I've recently been doing work for a start-up company that's centered around the health and wellness lifestyle market. I was hired to create an "Anthem Video" and a 0:30 spot for broadcast. The idea was to go all over CA and shoot some pretty things as well as some lifestyle shots involving several different millennials being active/creative.

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Penguin VS Flight: A Love Story

I recently completed a music video for musician Aaron Orbit. This was my second video working with Aaron and it's always a good/weird time. When I get to collaborate with an artist while maintaining a lot of creative freedom, it makes for a fun shoot and good end product.

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Genius Update

Our short film (unfortunately?) is not about a smiley gravedigger who works a nightshift as a masseur, in case that’s unclear in any way. It’s still a film about sex, and friendship, and revenge, and blocks (be they of the cock nature, or the writerly nature), and it includes scenes we desperately want to tell you about, but that would ruin some of the fun. So we’ll just say -- it’s almost finished.

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