Genius Update

Our short film (unfortunately?) is not about a smiley gravedigger who works a nightshift as a masseur, in case that’s unclear in any way. It’s still a film about sex, and friendship, and revenge, and blocks (be they of the cock nature, or the writerly nature), and it includes scenes we desperately want to tell you about, but that would ruin some of the fun. So we’ll just say — it’s almost finished.


Since last you heard from us, we’ve auditioned actors, hired actors, collected an extremely talented crew, fed said crew with a delicious homemade breakfast (currently patting own back), and have shot a short movie over the course of five days in three locations—all of them in So Cal, brah—and we’ve also edited all the footage into a fifteen minute movie that we’re happy with.


So what has taken so long? The editing. Why? Because editing a movie is essentially like taking a grain of sand, and then another grain of sand, and then another grain of sand, and then laying them all out on a slab of concrete until you have a beautiful portrait of Boris Yeltsin. But then you realize it doesn’t look like Boris, because it only has one chin, and it needs at least two, and it doesn’t have his shit-eating grin, and now the wind is blowing your sand everywhere and that’s editing.

But now the editing is done. Locked cut. Boris is complete.


So why not release it now? Because it needs what those in the business call “sound design,” and “color correction,” which are fancy words for “soundtrack” and “Instagram filters.”

That means, realistically, our film will be ready this Spring.


And if you’re one of the beautiful patrons who donated to help us make this film, and you’ve read this far only to find out that your “project perk” isn’t ready, we’re sincerely apologetic – most of the perks are closely tied to the release of Genius, so they’re also coming in the Spring.


*Aside from that, here’s a link to a Wikipedia article about And here’s another link to an article about an inflatable trampoline bridge in Paris:

Thank you – all of you – for reading this far.

We’ll send more updates soon.

– Your Friends Who Made a Short Film Called GENIUS.